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If we will not rectify the sin of loshon hora, how will the Bais Hamikdosh be rebuilt?
Chofetz Chaim zt I

The Chofetz Chaim
Heritage Foundation has changed Klal Yisrael’s perception of the mitzvah of Shmiras Haloshon. How worthy it is of our support, to be a part of this organization, because as the Chofetz Chaim and the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva said, “this is what will bring Moshiach.”

Hagaon Harav Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlit a

“Since I began going to the Tisha B’av event,Tisha B’av has become a day of spiritual renewal and personal growth. I take the message home and it has a lifechanging impact. Thank you!”

— MN, Chicago, IL

“We recently had a new baby boy. Our joy was shattered when we received the news of his very real and multiple physical disabilities. Rabbi Leff’s words on the Tisha B’av video were truly a balm for our broken hearts. Thank you for giving us the strength to
face this challenge.”

— FG, Washington Heights, NY

“I was sitting at the “Leaving Envy Behind” Tisha B’Av video and Rabbi Frand began to speak. I couldn’t believe it—he was speaking directly to me! Explaining the dynamics of jealousy and how to overcome it. I walked out a new person. It was the first time ever that I felt a strong desire to rid myself of this scrooge that was ruining my relationships and I actually felt capable of doing it. Thank you.”

— SLM, Brooklyn, NY

“Watching the Tisha B’Av video here in Gibraltar and knowing that tens of thousands of Jews all over the world are hearing the same lecture, makes it so much more powerful and connects us to others in a very meaningful way.

— EH, Gibralter

…It’s a z’chus for us to join the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation and become supporters of this final step, raising a generation that is innocent and whose language is pure and holy, so that we may together greet Moshiach Zidkeinu, b’meheirah b’yameinu omein.
Hagaon Harav Mattisyahu Salomon shlit a

There has been a seachange in Klal Yisrael, an international sea-change. What the Chofetz Chaim started more than a hundred years ago has exploded, due to a large extent to the work of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation.
Harav Yissocher Frand, shlit a