Iggeres HaRamban vol. 2


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The Iggeres HaRamban is the succinct and loving advice of a father- Rabbi Moses ben Nachman (Ramban)- to his son on how a Jew must live his life for generations, it has been a treasured guide for developing the peaceful heart, humble character and purity of soul essential to teaching the heights of one’s potential. The Ramban (Nachmanides), born in Spain in 1194, was a luminary of his time and maintains his position as a preeminent Torah commentator. He sent the Iggeres Haramban (Ramban’s letter) to his son in Spain after moving to Eretz Yisrael in his later years, ending it with the words “Every day that you shall read this letter, Heaven shall answer your heart’s desires. In this series, our speaker takes the Ramban’s poignant words and aims them precisely at his listeners’ hearts. A fiery blend of Torah wisdom, parables and simple, shake-you-awake logic, these presentations are guaranteed to open new vistas of possibility. There’s a greater you awaiting , and this series can surely help you find it.

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Wachsman, Rabbi Ephraim


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