The Concise Chafetz Chaim – Expanded Edition


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קיים גם בעברית
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“Who wants life?” the peddler called out, attracting large numbers of Jews to eagerly demand his magic elixir. Shemiras halashon, proper speech, is the secret to a happy, fulfilling existence, grounded in peace and harmony instead of the strife and sadness brought on by lashon hara, evil speech.

With this concise book, translated from the popular Hebrew edition, and based on the Chafetz Chaim’s famous Shemiras Halashon, you can master the relevant laws of proper speech in just a page a day, perfect for busy lifestyles.

This expanded edition includes close to 200 stories demonstrating the laws of shemiras halashon inour day-to-day lives.

Surely you have enough time to read a single page a day if it means transforming your life!

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Wasserman, Rabbi Asher


Shmiras HaLoshon

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