Faith at Work vol. 2


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Bitachon-our belief in Hashem-Colors our view of everything. How we see ourselves, other people, events and challenges in our lives all depends on the accuracy of this all-powerful lens.
This eliminating audio series explores the depths of Shaar HaBitachon, the definitive work on this bedrock concept, for the classic inspirational sefer Chovos Halevovos. For centuries, the works of this sefer have guided Jews to a life of spiritual strength and happiness.
The penetrating insights in this series will awaken you to the contemporary applications and practical steps needed to live in today’s world with a perspective of true Bitachon.
Set out on a transforming Journey through this series, and you’ll be on your way to a new view of yourself and the world around you – the clear Bitachon-inspired view of the world held securely and Hashem’s hand.

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Wachsman, Rabbi Ephraim


Emunah and Bitachon

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