The Shabbos Table Machsom L’fi unites family members in an effort to avoid loshon hora and ona’as devarim during the Shabbos meal, freeing everyone to enjoy the uplifting atmosphere created by conversation that is positive and life-enhancing.

The Shabbos Table Machsom L'fi

The Shabbos Table Machsom L’fi takes the concept of a Machsom L’fi and uses it to enhance and uplift every Shabbos meal.

A Machsom L’fi is a program in which people commit themselves to focusing for a set period of time each day on the proper use of their power of speech as defined in the Torah. During that time, they concentrate on avoiding speaking and hearing loshon hora, gossip, slander, ona’as devarim (hurtful words), or any other form of angry or negative expression. Often, a Machsom L’fi is undertaken as a zechus for someone who is in need of refuah, a shidduch, children, parnassah or a personal yeshuah.


Why focus on Shabbos?

Shabbos is the mekor habrachah, the source of blessing. It brings shmirah, healing and connection to Hashem. And those very same brachos, the Chofetz Chaim tells us, also come to those whose speech is guided by the wisdom of Shmiras Haloshon.

With the Shabbos Table Machsom L'fi, we hold the power to combine these two vibrant streams of brachah each week by joining with Jews across the globe who are making a focused effort to bring the Torah's spirit of positive speech to their Shabbos table.

Why a set time for Shmiras Haloshon?

While Shmiras Haloshon is a requirement every day and at all times, focusing specifically on this mitzvah for a set period is a proven way to bolster your overall observance.

When you exercise this particular “spiritual muscle” at your meals, building control over your speech, you enhance your ability to keep the mitzvah throughout the week.

The reason it is done as a merit for someone in need is because when we act compassionately by avoiding and rejecting loshon hora, Hashem responds to our compassion measure for measure, showering His compassion upon us and our loved ones.


The Benefits to your family

Your Shabbos table becomes a "safe haven" where everyone feels comfortable and uplifted.


It teaches your children how to see people in a positive light—an immeasurable gift that will stand by them for their entire lives.


This is a wonderful way for your family to work together on spiritual growth and to uplift the atmosphere of your home.


Shmiras Haloshon is a great protection for your family, "One who guards his mouth and tongue guards his soul from troubles." — Mishlei 21:23

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Three Simple Steps

To turn your Shabbos meal into a source of merit for someone in need

Say the tefillah written by the Chofetz Chaim asking Hashem for help with Shmiras Haloshon. Tefillah can be found on the table card.

Recite the kabbalah, accepting bli neder, to be extra careful in Shmiras Haloshon during your Shabbos meal as a zechus for someone in need. Kaballah can be found on the table card.

Learn a halachah of Shmiras Haloshon at each Shabbos meal from one of the available sefarim. A halachah discussion is included in the Shabbos Menu Newsletter.

Our Gedolim Speak

On joining the Shabbos Table Machsom L'Fi


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