Committees and Courts

Committees and Courts

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  • January 7, 2019

The prohibition against speaking rechilus is highly relevant when a committee meets to consider an individual for possible enrollment in a school, employment in a firm, or appointment to a communal or organizational position. Whether or not the final outcome is in the person’s favor, it is forbidden to divulge the identity of anyone who expressed an opinion against the person. It is wrong for a member of the committee to tell the candidate, “I was on your side but was outvoted by my colleagues.”

The same would apply when a beis din (rabbinical court) considers a case and comes to a decision against a party. It is forbidden for any of the judges to state that the ruling was unanimous, or which judges sided with which party, or to even say, “I voted in your favor but was outnumbered,” for it is natural for people to harbor ill will toward those who ruled against them.

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