What is a Machsom L’Fi and how does it work?

A Machsom L’Fi is a program in which people commit themselves to focusing for a set period of time each day on the proper use of their power of speech as defined in the Torah.

During that time, they concentrate on avoiding speaking, hearing, reading or writing loshon hora, gossip, slander, ona’as devarim (hurtful words), any other forms of forbidden speech, and anger. Typically, a Machsom L’Fi is two hours.

Small, winnable increments of time is the secret of success of Machsom L’Fii. By taking on just one hour a day in which you are committed (bli neder) to be especially careful with Shmiras Haloshon, you set a goal you can achieve. Day by day, you build the habits and confidence to win the war and aquire all the brochos the Chofetz Chaim promises to one who is careful with their Divine gift of speech.

How to start your group today

  • Step 1: Invite members (family, office, shul, school, neighborhood) to join your group.

  • Step 2: Each member commits, bli neder, to a one-hour period during the waking hours of the day to be especially careful with Shmiras haloshon.

  • Step 3: Begin the Machsom L’fi by reciting:

    • The short kabbalah (verbal acceptance) accepting the Machsom L’fi

    • The Chofetz Chaim’s tefillah for success in Shmiras Haloshon

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Create a source of great merit for someone you love

Often, a Machsom L’Fi is undertaken as a z’chus for someone who is in need for recovery from illnesss, a shidduch, children, parnassah or other need.

People who would like to participate in the Machsom L’Fi as a z’chus for someone can organize their own group of friends, neighbors, coworkers or fellow students.


Q: Isn’t one supposed to refrain from loshon hora all day, every day?

A: Of course loshon hora is prohibited at all times.
A Machsom L’Fi does not mean that one is allowed to speak loshon hora during the rest of the day. Rather, the program is meant to create a time period of extra focus, during which people will concentrate on “thinking before they speak.” Building this ability is an absolute prerequisite for success in Shmiras Haloshon.

Q: What is the use of keeping Shmiras Haloshon for just one hour?

A: Doing any mitzvah for an hour earns tremendous merit. For Shmiras Haloshon in particular, the Vilna Gaon states that even one moment of restraint earns a reward beyond the comprehension of angels.
Practically, when a person takes on and masters this mitzvah for the limited time period of the Machsom L’Fi, he begins to feel a  greater sense of control in his habits of speech, which strengthens his restraint throughout the day. In addition, Machsom L’Fi groups have had great success bringing merit to those in need of yeshuos of all kinds.

Q: I’ve heard the joke. “Now is my Machsom L’Fi. Call me in an hour and I’ll tell you the loshon hora.” How does one hour actually carry over to the rest of the day?

A: Once people experience the sweetness of Shmiras Haloshon, they are not eager to “get back in the mud” an hour later.
Furthermore, most people find that if they’ve put their loshon hora on the back-burner for an hour or two, by the time the Machsom L’Fi is over, their burning desire to tell the story has been extinguished. Finally, even if a person does succumb to temptation later, he has still earned immeasurable reward for his period of restraint, and has strengthened the “spiritual muscle” he had used to maintain his silence at that time.


“For several months already I have been learning the halachos of shmiras halashon with my children every day. I have no words to describe the wonderful improvement in their behavior in general and their relationships with each other in particular. The atmosphere in our home has become more spiritual and more social. We have gained a home that is pleasant to live in.”

“My house became an island of peace and tranquility as my children try to seek, in every situation, the good and the positive.”

“Several months ago my neighborhood started a Machsom L’Fi. One month we decided to do it as a zechus for an older, single girl to find her bashert. On the first day of our Machsom that month she went out with a boy and on the last day she got engaged to him! By participating in a Machsom L’Fi, not only are you elevating the atmosphere in your own home, but your Machsom may be the catalyst for untold numbers of yeshuos, as well.”

“For some time already, I had been learning the halachos of shmiras halashon every day. I was always extremely careful not to miss a single day. One Motzaei Shabbos, after I had already gotten into bed and was half asleep, I remembered that I had not yet learned my halachos. I resisted the urge to turn over and go to sleep, and reluctantly pulled myself out of bed. When I got to the room where my sefer was kept, I saw the candles I had lit earlier that night lichvod Melave Malkah, beginning to singe the curtains nearby, and catch fire! Had I not gotten up at precisely that moment, I shudder to think what would have happened. Learning hilchos shmiras haloshon saved my home and quite possibly, my life!”