CCHF has 3 amazing phone lines for children, teens and adults. Call in 24 hours a day, free of charge to learn and be inspired by some of the world’s best speakers.

WonderWords Children’s Hotline

This children’s hotline has taken the Jewish world by storm. Thousands of children call each day, to access a wholesome, exciting menu of stories and contests that bring Shmiras Haloshon into their lives. Through humor, drama and adventure, values are taught and absorbed eagerly. Kids can’t wait to come home  from school and call in!

212.444.1119, 718.305.6960, 845.738.1066

Tic Talk Hotline for Girls

Tic Talk reaches high school girls around the world with a message they need, in a style they love. In its dynamic style, it engages them in real-life questions and answers on interpersonal relationships, inspires them with stories of personal growth by girls their own age and entertains them with a continually changing program of up-beat new musical selec- tions. In a few short years, Tic Talk has become the talk of schools across the country.

201.855.8255, 212.596.8255

Chazak Inspiration Line

The right words at the right time can make all the difference. The free Chazak 24-hour Inspiration Line guarantees that everyone can find those “right words” exactly when they need them most. Get inspired by our speakers, get encouraged by moving personal stories of trial and triumph, get guidance in all areas of challenge and growth. Life can be full of hope and meaning. With Chazak, get your inspiration anytime, anywhere.

Lakewood  732.806.8599  Monsey 845.356.6665
New York  718.258.2008   Toronto 416.800.0656
Eretz Yisrael 03.929.0707 England 44.203.375.1580

The Shmiras Haloshon Shaila Hotline

To say or not to say ? Whether it is for a shidduch, a job referral, or just among family or friends, the wrong words can do irreparable harm. And sometimes, so can silence. Our Shaila Hotline puts you in contact with expert rabbonim so that before you speak, you can be sure.

Call : 718.951.3696

Evenings from 9:00 to 10:30 pm