Group Members take upon themselves two hours per day where they are extra careful with their speech.
An incredible z'chus for Klal Yisroel or someone you know who is in need of a refuah or a yeshua of any kind.

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  • Teleconference to get you started and keep your group motivated and inspired
    Every Motzei Shabbos @ 9pm
    Chazak Line - 718-258-2008, Option 9, Selection 1
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What is a Shmiras Haloshon Awareness Group?

A Shmiras Haloshon Awareness Group (also known as a Machsom L'Fi) is a program in which people commit themselves to focusing for a set period of time each day on the proper use of their speech.

By taking one or two hours a day in which you are committed (bli neder) to be especially careful with Shmiras Haloshon, you set a goal you can achieve. Day by day, you build the habits and confidence to win the war against Loshon Hara.

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"Hakadosh Baruch Hu says: I can save
you from harm, provided that you
conceal yourself from a prowling

- Iyov 5:21