The Magic of Make-up

The Magic of Make-up

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  • February 28, 2018

A top make-up artist demands a top price. With her magic box of colors, powders and pencils, she can make the most out of the features Hashem gave a person, revealing the subject’s hidden beauty. Each of us has the same ability to reveal others’ beauty. The tools are in our magic box of words.

Rabbi Gutvort waited in the wings while the MC introduced him to the crowd. The introduction made the rabbi a little uncomfortable: “Dynamic speaker”: what about the man who snored through his last speech? “Amazing insights”: they were the insights of Torah sages! “People flock to him for advice”: well, at 76 years of age, anyone would have wisdom to impart.

Rabbi Gutvort took the podium. The attentive audience was eager to hear a “dynamic speech” full of “amazing insights” and “good advice.” By enhancing Rabbi Gutvort’s image, the MC had opened the audience’s hearts to his message.

When we speak well of others, we reveal their optimal image. We also get other people to see what we see. The make-up doesn’t lie; it focuses on the good points, and in doing so, projects a little more beauty into the world.

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