Paid Just to Try

Paid Just to Try

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  • May 4, 2018

No one pays the pizza baker for the pie he burned, or the dressmaker for the gown she botched. When it comes to restraining ourselves from negative speech, however, we get paid lavishly just for the effort.
Chaya knew the value of positive speech. But this information was not enough to still her tongue when she had a comment to make. The best she could do was to feel a little guilty about her words.
In the first weeks of tenth grade, the Chaya’s school conducted a” positive speech” campaign. As Chaya and her friends sat down to lunch one day, she thought about their intimidating math teacher. “I better not say anything,” she decided. “We just heard a speech about loshon hora.”
Then she reconsidered. “What’s the difference if I say it now or later? I know I’m eventually going to say it.”
She began: “Don’t you think that the Mrs. Levine is kind of….” She stopped. “Maybe just this once I’ll keep quiet,” she thought.
In Heaven, Chaya’s account got a sudden influx of riches. On earth, Chaya got a sudden influx of self-respect. Her job wasn’t finished, but to Hashem, every effort is worth its weight in gold.

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