“Here, Take my Watch”

“Here, Take my Watch”

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  • May 18, 2018

If a mugger holds you up on the street and takes your wallet, would you be likely to say, “Since you’ve already got all my cash and credit cards, here, take my watch too”?
Obviously not. Even if you lose part of something valuable, you try to keep what you can.
Shmuel and Yaakov worked in their father’s real estate business. Recently Reuven, a new broker, had joined the company. He was highly aggressive, highly successful, and highly disliked by both brothers. Knowing that loshon hora was likely to flow whenever Reuven’s name came up, Shmuel decided that he would avoid mentioning him to Yaakov.
“Did you see Reuven the Magnificent this morning?” Yaakov asked.
“Let’s not go there,” Shmuel answered. “It can’t lead to anything good.”
“You’re right. You’re a tzaddik,” Yaakov replied. “I just wondered if you heard him telling Abba about the sale he made.”
“How could I not hear him?” Shmuel answered. “The whole office heard him.”
Shmuel might now think, “I lost control. I might as well keep rolling.” But that would be like offering the mugger his watch. His more sensible choice would be to grab what’s left of his restraint, because it’s valuable beyond measure.

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