Fix the Hole in Your Pocket

Fix the Hole in Your Pocket

By Good Gossip | Chana Nestlebaum No Comments
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  • April 10, 2018

If you were a diamond dealer walking around New York’s diamond district with a choice diamond in your pocket, you would make sure that there were no holes in your pocket. The place that holds your valuables needs to be safe and secure.
In life, our diamonds are the blessings for which we all pray. So we need to make sure there’s no hole in the “pocket” that contains them.
“I’m healthy. I’m rich. I have a wonderful family. I have honor and recognition. But I can’t relax and enjoy it for a minute,” Dovid realizes one night as he lies in bed trying to fall asleep.
What spoils Dovid’s happiness is a drawn-out fight with Yosef, his younger brother, over their late father’s business.
“Here I am thinking about it again,” Dovid realizes. But if he thinks a little more deeply, he’ll realize that there is always some controversy eating at his happiness.
Hashem created a “pocket” to hold all our blessings. It’s called “shalom.” No matter what we have, we can’t enjoy it if our life is filled with anger and machlokes. But what keeps the day-to-day irritations of life from shredding that pocket? Shmiras Haloshon.

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