Don’t Let the Price Tag Fool You

Don’t Let the Price Tag Fool You

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  • April 23, 2018

If you entered an exclusive clothing store and saw one rack marked, “Free for the Taking,” you might not be interested, even if the clothing was of fine quality. If you’ve come to a high-end shop to buy a designer item that will impress your friends, some nameless give-away garment will not fit the bill. What can it be worth if it’s free?
Words are free. But we’re foolish if we overlook their value.
“You’re asking an interesting question,” a rebbi tells his student. The student suddenly feels, “I have a good head.”
“I’m going to daven that you get the job,” the man tells his brother. Suddenly, the brother doesn’t feel alone.
“You’re the one who keeps our kids happy and healthy,” the husband tells his wife. Suddenly, she feels that her hard work is worthwhile.
“I love when we have a little extra time together,” the wife tells her husband. Suddenly, he knows that his presence is valued.
For the speakers of these words, the “cost” is zero. For the recipients of these words, the value is infinite. Words that build self-esteem, confidence, appreciation and love are free—not because they’re worthless, but rather because they’re priceless.

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