Becoming a Diplomat

Becoming a Diplomat

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  • April 17, 2018

If you were to assemble a team to negotiate a peace treaty, you’d want diplomats—people trained to forge positive relations, even in a contentious situation.
For a Jew who follows the Torah’s laws of proper speech, that training is an all-day, every-day endeavor, and it brings “world peace” to anyone who uses it.
Nachum met his cousin Michael at a wedding, after they hadn’t seen each other in ten years.
“You’ve really mellowed,” Nachum commented.
Michael remembered his critical, arrogant “old self” well. He had hurt a lot of people.
“Blame my wife,” Michael joked. “She challenged me to go one day without criticizing anyone. I thought I would have to tape my mouth shut.
“But you know what happened? I started seeing things differently. And I realized that I felt much more relaxed. It wasn’t easy, but I decided to try to keep it up.”
When the dancing began, Michael was surrounded by hugs and smiles. “He doesn’t just talk differently,” Nachum realized. “He’s living in a different world!”
Shmiras Haloshon trains us to focus on the positive. It turns us into the ultimate diplomats, skilled at forging peace with our neighbors and within ourselves.

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