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The mission of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation is to imbue every Jewish person with the Torah’s wisdom on interpersonal relationships. The Foundation utilizes a vast array of effective communication tools and programs which are designed to heighten one’s awareness of such essential values as judging others favorably, speaking with restraint and integrity, and acting with sensitivity and respect.
Our primary focus is on our children, ensuring the future of the Jewish people. In the past two years alone, we have Baruch Hashem almost doubled our programs in schools across the country and worldwide! Your support is greatly appreciated in continuing this vital mission. Some of the amazing programs include:
• Elementary Programs in US and Israel – changing the lives of 46,363 students
• Anti–Bullying Program – impacting over 11,522 participants
• High School Programs worldwide – reaching 69,259 students
• Kids Wonderwords Hotline – 10,328 callers each day
• Chazak Inspirational Hotline – 10,401 callers each day
• Family & Women’s Programs – 9,237 participating families