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Choose a book you would like to learn, and invite your friends and family to your group


It’s easy and simple

  1. The free number is 515-739-1033
    (You can use this free number anytime.)
  2. Choose a unique pin that everyone in your group will remember.
    (Every possible number combination works.)
  3. Set a time for your group to call in.
    (That’s all it takes, and you’re ready to begin!)


Never miss your group learning again!

  1. Decide how many people are in your group.
  2. Decide how often you will learn.
  3. Enter all required info (below) and for a nominal fee (that only partially covers the cost) your group will get a call at the exact time that you choose for your teleconference. When you pick up the phone, you are on the teleconference. (You will receive a text reminder 5 minutes prior to your scheduled call.)

A joint project of CCHF and Agudath Israel

  • Get a kit shipped to the group owner and each member , FREE (US Only)

  • Kit includes: -Inspirational magnet, -Tefila al hadibur, -Reminder card
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    For questions please call 845-352-3505 ext. 5.