Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

Est. 1989

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster peace and harmony by making the Torah’s mitzvos of interpersonal relationships a vivid reality and priority for every Jewish man, woman and child.

We accomplish this through a wide range of learning tools, inspirational events and school curricula which we develop and provide to communities across the globe. We employ media ranging from the printed page to electronic communication to ensure that our material is easily accessible to all.

Discover what Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation is all about!

Our programs

The largest initiative for Shmiras Haloshon in history

50,000 students and adults a week participate in our learning programs

Shipur B’Dibbur

Pre-1A – 2nd Grades

Shipur B’Dibbur is an engaging program created to help the younger student cultivate positive speech, which will enable him/her to form and sustain strong, meaningful relationships with others. This program includes puppets as part of its motivational system.

3813 Students 103 Schools


2nd – 4th Grades

Konei Olam is an innovative middos program that uses fun and excitement to help students internalize fundamental middos. The program takes the students on an exciting worldwide adventure with Yoni !
They join him as he traverses the world and experiences the sights and sounds of eight fascinating countries in his quest to acquire good middos.

3356 Students 109 Schools

Yesodei Haloshon

4th – 6th Grades

Yesodei Haloshon is an engaging, Torah based social skills program to help students uncover the power of positive communication and the building blocks of friendship.

3092 Students 94 Schools

Shomrei Haloshon

4th – 6th Grades

Shomre Haloshon is an outstanding halacha-based program designed to help children build life-long habits of Shmiras Haloshon using fun, excitement and plenty of motivation.

8008 Students 219 Schools

Moshlei Haloshon

5th – 7th Grades

Moshlei Haloshon is a ground-breaking program designed to impress upon the students the tremendous devastation that ona’as devarim causes and to give them the motivation and the tools to overcome their urge to speak it. The unique structure of each lesson imparts the hashkafah and halachos of ona’as devarim to the students in a powerful practical way.

4892 Students 160 Schools


An exceptional anti-bullying program, an adorable animated backpack teaches children how to treat others during recess. Geared for grades 2-6, the intent of this program is to help students monitor their own words and actions and learn to use social behaviors that will strengthen friendships.

16,115 Students 124 Schools


This nationwide campaign has already taken its many previous participants by storm! It encourages students to ask themselves “How Would I Feel?” when dealing with others, and then treating people as they would wish to be treated.

  • A four week exciting program, including scenarios, focus cards, stories, activities and more

7667 Students  65 Schools


Geared for High School girls. Creating tools for Bais Yaakov high school girls to live their lives according to the Torah guidelines of bein adam l’chaveiro.

  • Popular extracurricular program featuring a new bein adam l’chaveiro topic every month
  • 3 engaging curricula replete with handouts, activities and bonus DVDs
  • Dozens of workshops, CDs, and DVDs on relevant topics for high school girls
  • Hundreds of vibrant and impactful posters on various ahavas yisroel topics

15,500 Students  103 Schools

Bidrachav E”Y

A High school program in Eretz Yisroel teaching the Halachos in Bein Adam L’Chavero in a way that is changing the girls, the class, the school and the future generation.

  • School curriculums:
    “Onas Devarim”, “Halbanat Panim”, “Kibud Ho’rim – Rabanim” and more.
  • Extra-curricular activities on the power of Bein Adam LChavaro with posters, booths, newsletters and more.

115 High Schools 14,000 Students


4th – 6th Grades

This division of CCHF focuses on creating and distributing material for Friday night shemiras haloshon groups for young girls during the winter months.

533 Groups 27 Cities

Shabbos Table Machsom L’fi

Apply the power of Machsom L’fi to your Shabbos table and discover the renewed sweetness and harmony thousands of participants have experienced. A few simple free tools are all it takes.

3813 Families 314 Cities

Daily Learning Books

Daily lessons for every age and stage
Grow with your spouse, child or friend. We have a book for everyone

420,000 books in print

Family Teleconference

Unite your busy, far-flung family with an automatic teleconference hook-up for every member of your group. A zechus for someone in need and a key to family sholom.

New System!


Join the 3,000 Tiferes women who recharge their lives with our monthly Tiferes DVDs and weekly teleconferences featuring all the speakers you want to hear.

3000 Women 80 Cities


Chizuk and inspiration from some of the world’s best speaker on topic of interest to you. Better relationships, personal growth, facing life’s challenges, shmiras halashon, shalom, meaningful prayer, Torah insights, timely advice for every season, and more.

10,000 Callers Each Day


Chizuk and inspiration from some of the world’s best speaker on topic of interest to you. Better relationships, personal growth, facing life’s challenges, shmiras halashon, shalom, meaningful prayer, Torah insights, timely advice for every season, and more.

10,000 Callers Each Day

T.I.C. Talk

Innovative, intriguing and timely inspiration and chizuk for high school girls. Featuring a daily shmiras haloshon message and a wide array of exciting options to listen to including Personal Stories, Lessons for Life, The Playlist, Q&A Spotlight on Schools and so much more.

8000 Callers Each Day

Wonder Words

This children’s storyline puts the power of a good story to work as lessons in shmiras haoshon come to life in an entertaining and engaging way – with daily features and weekly contests. There’s always something exciting on WonderWords 12,000 callers.

12,000 Callers Each Day

The Shmiras Haloshon Shaila Hotline

To say or not to say ? Whether it is for a shidduch, a job referral, or just among family or friends, the wrong words can do irreparable harm. And sometimes, so can silence. Our Shaila Hotline puts you in contact with expert rabbonim so that before you speak, you can be sure. Evenings from 9:00 to 10:30 pm.

CALL : 718.951.3696

5 Minute Daily Learning Options

Shmiras Haloshon, the Torah’s laws of proper speech, keeps life free of gossip and negativity.

new labelMaster Your Words, Master Your Life

A Personal Growth Approach to Speech

  • Practical scenarios teach halachos,
  • Explores the middos behind speech
  • Builds awareness, sensitivity
  • Follows Rav Segal’s Shmiras Haloshon Yomi calendar [4 month cycle]

Chofetz Chaim: The Family Lesson a Day

The Perfect Family Project

  • Daily learning for children to adults
  • Includes insights, stories and parables
  • Follows Rav Segal’s Shmiras Haloshon Yomi calendar [4 month cycle]

The Chofetz Chaim: A Lesson a Day

What You Say and Why It Matters

  • Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz’s trademark halachic clarity
  • Halachah and haskkafah each day [sefer Chofetz Chaim and Shmiras Haloshon]
  • 6-month learning cycle

Chofetz Chaim: A Daily Companion

Rav Segal’s Recipe for Yeshuos

  • 2 halachos a day, according to Rav Segal’s calendar [4-month cycle]
  • Adapted from Sefer Chofetz Chaim
  • Special section on shidduchim

Going Global

A Shmiras Haloshon Adventure

  • Yisrael and Meir learn as they travel the globe
  • 31 positive and negative mitzvos of speech
  • Lively text and gorgeous graphics

Trekking Through Time

A Thrilling Journey Through the Past

  • Yisrael and Meir visit people and places from history
  • Vivid illustrations engage young readers
  • 30 halachos clearly explained for children
Shmiras Haloshon also means avoiding ona’as devarim – speaking to others in a hurtful way.

Positive Word Power

The Key to Love and Friendship

  • Daily learning on positive speech
  • Growth tools for each day
  • Realistic life scenarios

Positive Word Power for Teens

A World of Positive Relationships

  • Build sensitivity to others
  • Gain insight into yourself
  • Daily lessons; relatable scenarios

Out of the Woods

Positive Word Power for Children

  • Page-turning Libby Lazewnik adventure
  • Brings concepts of ona’as devarim to life daily
  • Brilliant illustrations
Daily Learning in Personal Growth

The Ahavas Yisrael Project

A Methodical Approach to Lasting Change

  • 40-day Torah-based program fostering love for fellow Jews
  • Includes self-tests on halachos
  • Daily cheshbon hanefesh encourages real growth.

Lessons in Truth

Live Like a “Mentch”

  • Daily lessons in honesty, sincerity and faith
  • Spiced with fascinating stories
  • Includes the Chofetz Chaim’s moving letters

Loving Kindness

Turn Your Life into a Masterpiece

  • Based on Rabbi Fischel Schachter’s shiurim on Sefer Ahavas Yisrael
  • Adds new meaning to everyday acts of kindness
  • Inspiration to act on

Tools for Living


More than 450,000 volumes in print
More than a dozen titles
Something for everyone
Live life better with our best-selling daily-learning books for adults and children.


Hundreds of audio CDs, CD binders and mp3 downloads
Expert advice and inspiration on timely topics.


Meaningful entertainment
Full-length, professionally produced films for all ages enlighten as they entertain.


Transform any room into a loshon-hora free zone with eye-catching, thought-provoking posters.