Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

Est. 1989

The Start

Since 1989, the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation has successfully launched innovative methods of promoting the Torah’s wisdom on human relations and personal development.

The foundation utilizes a vast array of communication tools to heighten one’s awareness of such essential values as judging others favorably, speaking with restraint and integrity, and acting with sensitivity and respect. The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation’s programs reassert the Torah’s timeless recipe for building a world of compassion and harmony.

Our programs

The largest initiative for Shmiras Haloshon in history

50,000 students and adults a week participate in our learning programs

Our school initiatives start at the beginning and continue through high school with our mission to “Create a Culture of Caring.” We are succeeding in imbuing a generation with the essential tools they need to build homes and communities on a foundation of harmony and unity.
Mishmeres – Girls High School Division (10,000 Girls)
Innovative, interactive and consistent, Mishmeres keeps girls engaged in an on-going effort to develop the positive power of speech. Monthly themes come to life through eye-catching posters and slogans, thought-provoking newsletters, trigger-films and presentations designed especially for high school girls.
Bidrachov – Elementary School Division (over 30,000 students)
B’Drachov rises to the challenge of training children in sensitivity, kindness and positive speech with a wide range of colorful, creative materials and engaging programs. B’Drachov’s comprehensive, school-wide mission: “Cultivating the Caring Classroom – Every Student Every Day” reaches out to children at each grade level, providing teachers with the perfect tools to teach the lessons of the mitzvos bein odom l’chaveiro.
Bidrachov Israel
Bidrachov Israel – High School Division (5,000 students)
Using a coordinated combination of in-class and extra-curricular learning opportunities, the revolutionary Seminarim program brings into sharp focus the vital mitzvos that define the proper path for interpersonal relationships.
Tiki – Anti-bullying Program (over 11,500 children)
Empathy, compassion and acceptance among peers are the ingredients for a positive school experience for every child – and, they form the foundation of a happy adult life as well. TIKI, a delightful animated character, teaches these lessons through pre-recess trigger films that help children recognize and fight bullying behaviors.
Teacher Workshops
The bullying workshop prepares teachers to handle bullying situations effectively, dealing with the dynamics of a bullying situation from the perspectives of the victims, the perpetrators and the bystanders. Realistic and interactive, these workshops give teachers confidence they need to step up to the challenge and make a vital difference in their students’ school experience.
Tisha B’Av
The Worldwide Annual Tisha B’Av Event (over 50,000 participants)
This annual Tisha B’Av event unites tens of thousands of Jews seeking inspiration in Ahavas Yisrael and Shmiras Haloshon — on exactly the date that marks the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash.
Tiferes Women’s Groups (over 6,000 women internationally)
Local Tiferes groups meet monthly to watch an inspirational DVD by a renowned speaker addressing topics that are close to women’s hearts: parenting, sholom bayis, enhancing Shabbos and Yom Tov and personal growth.
Nationwide Teleconferences
These live shiurim touch upon the timely topics and concerns effecting Klal Yisrael, distilling the meaning, delivering the message and laying out a path for spiritual growth.
Chazak Inspiration Line (12,000 Daily Listeners)
The Chazak 24-hour Inspiration Line provides an inspiration-packed menu of speakers whose wisdom and warmth deliver encouragement at any hour of the day or night, directed at a wide range of situations.
Lakewood       732.806.8599     Monsey    845.356.6665
New York        718.258.2008     Toronto    416.800.0656
Eretz Yisrael   03.929.0707       England    44.203.375.1580
Tic Talk
Tic Talk Teen Line (6,000 girls calling in each day)
Tic Talk reaches religious high school girls with a message they need, in a style they love. They can access audio programming that engages them in real-life questions and answers on interpersonal relationships and inspires them with stories of personal growth by girls their own age.
201.855.8255, 212.596.8255
Wonderwords Children’s Hotline (over 8,000 children listening each day)
This children’s hotline has taken the Jewish world by storm. Thousands of children each day call to access a wholesome, exciting menu of stories and contests that bring Shmiras Haloshon into their lives.
212.444.1119, 718.305.6960, 845.738.1066
Shmiras Haloshon
Shmiras Haloshon Shaila Hotline
The Shaila Hotline is staffed every night with highly qualified rabbonim who can guide callers in dealing with matters of shmiras haloshon such as what to say when asked about a shidduch or a job applicant, when to give negative information and when to hold back, all questions of an extremely sensitive nature.
Shaila hotline open from 9-10:30 pm every night including Motzei Shabbos
Pioneering the “lesson-a-day” format, we have developed a premier library of learning materials to give every Jew quick and easy access to the Torah’s wisdom on interpersonal relationships. Covering Shmiras Haloshon, chessed, positive speech, honesty and integrity, designed for use by individuals, partners or groups, aimed at men and women and young people, there is a source of inspiration to fit every individual’s needs.
The most inspiring speakers in the world deliver their life-changing messages through the extensive range of CDs available through our audio collection. For those seeking to improve themselves and their relationships, to discover the best in themselves and give their best to others, these CDs are a treasure trove waiting to be explored.
Audio Visual Presentations
All over the world, at all times of year, people are soaking up the inspiration of our renowned audio-visual presentations produced for the Worldwide Tisha b’Av event and other occasions. Our files are filled with accounts of forgiveness, closer relationships, happier marriages and families that have been inspired by these presentations that have been viewed by tens of thousands.
Short, sweet and inspiring, our newsletters provide just the boost people need to keep growing and rising to life’s challenges.
Daily Learning Emails
For those who find themselves at the computer for most of the work-day, daily learning emails are an easy, fool-proof way to fit Shmiras Haloshon into their day. In as little time as it takes to open and email and learn the two daily halachos, anyone can keep up with Shmiras Haloshon Yomi and accrue all the tremendous brocha and zechus this mitzvah brings.
Tools for Living
Every Jewish soul longs to shine. But for most people, that inner glow is buried beneath the chores and pressures of everyday life. Our catalog filled with Books, CDs, stickers, posters and other items has helped many to fit reminders into their busy lives to help us reveal the beautiful light within.
The Chofetz Chaim believed that every Jew would observe Shmiras Haloshon if only he could keep in mind the brochos it brings and the damage loshon hora does to everyone involved in it. Our collection of stickers provides the perfect way to follow the Chofetz Chaim’s advice, with short, high-impact messages that keep the issue of proper speech front and center.
For classrooms, homes, shuls or offices – anywhere people gather – our posters work magic. With appealing graphics and thought-provoking lines, these posters set the tone and mark the room as a loshon-hora-free zone.

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